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Must Be the Season of the Virgo

What would we do without our beloved Virgos? Hard working, analytical and realistic. These earth signs mean business. Virgos can tend to get lost in their thoughts but when they have a job to do, nothing can get in their way. They're extremely loyal friends and dedicated partners so if you snag yourself a Virgo you might want to wife her up. 

If you've ever dated a Virgo you know that they are extremely particular and tend to stay to a familiar schedule. The word change can send a shiver up their spine so sometimes they need the influence of others who tend to be more easy going. Since they are earth signs (steady and stable) they pair extremely well with water (flowing and mutable). 

Some boss babe Virgos in the limelight include: Beyoncé, Amy Poehler, Jennifer Hudson Blake Lively, Zendaya 

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