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Brace yourself for #ScorpioSeason. Although each sign will be affected differently by this and react in their own way, we can all expect to be a little bolder this time of year.

Scorpios are water signs so emotions run deep with them.. that means it's time to FEEL THE FEELS. This can be overwhelming at times but it's best to lean in because we can all learn a little something from Scorpio and their range of emotions. Deep feelings can lead to even deeper relationships with the ones you love so why not embrace it?

Since it's Scorpio's time to shine we thought we'd shout out some of our favorite Scorpios in pop culture at the moment! Do you have a favorite? Let us know!

DRAKE - Champagne Papi celebrates his birthday on October 24
drake, scorpio
KATY PERRY - She kissed a Scorpio and she liked it
katy parry, scorpio
RYAN REYNOLDS - This sexy Scorpio was born on the Scorpio and Libra (Oct 23)
ryan reynolds, scorpio
KRIS JENNER - Reality star and mom-ager is the ultimate Scorpio; extremely passionate and outspoken
kris jenner, scorpio

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