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Mercury in Retrograde

If you've ever blamed something on Mercury in Retrograde you're a true kaeraz girl.Mercury Retrograde tee
For our less astrologically educated peeps, let us explain. Three times a year, due to our planet's orbit and the way it orbits with the other planets, it can appear to look like it's traveling backyards. This illusion happens 3 times a year for Mercury and is in fact called Mercury Retrograde (or Mercury in Retrograde).
These times are associated with communication errors, technology issues and travel plans gone awry. Now is a great time to double check your work and reread those emails before you send them out to your boss. Even though this can be a confusing time, people react differently based on their Zodiac sign.
The first Mercury Retrograde for 2020 starts today and ends March 10th. Don't be too worried though because it can actually be a time when intuition is even stronger so trust your gut! That can even start with repping our Mercury Retrograde Tee below to get ready for the season!

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