We know the debate. However, we are firm believers that our stylish honeys can wear whatever they want, whenever they want. You heard it! There are some tips and tricks we want to spill about wearing white in the winter and how you can pull off the look effortlessly. 


Use Layering to Your Advantage


Pop out your white tees and lay them out before you. It helps to have them spread out on your bed or have them hanging next to each other. Then, you can take your favorite jackets or coats to help guide you on what you want to layer with. Denim will always pair well with white and won’t leave you washed out. For maximum comfort, pair a white tee with your favorite plush cardigan. These white tees below are perfect options for pairing. 

Add a Pop of Color

Who said white tees had to be boring? We sure didn’t! A white tee provides you with the perfect backdrop to really let some colorful graphics shine through. This can be perfect against a wintery snowy scene or may even be a mood booster for just a particularly cold day. Whichever the case, these fun retro tees will add just the right amount of color you need to keep those winter blues at bay.  


You might be feeling like you’ll blend in if you try to wear white in the winter. With these helpful tips and tricks for wearing white in the winter, your stylish self will be the one standing out and you will still be able to wear everything that you love. Embrace what you want to wear and remember that there are no rules when it comes to developing your own personal style. 


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