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5 Netflix Shows to Binge

Browsing Netflix and don't know what to choose? Don't worry we've done the work for you and binged all the shows. We know it's hard work but we did it because we love you and want you to be entertained as possible during this crazy time. 
Not only do we want you to be entertained, but we want you to be as comfortable as possible while doing it. We paired some of our comfiest items with our favorite shows for the ultimate viewing occasion. A glass of wine is optional but highly recommended. 
BREAKING BAD X Havin' a Crisis Tee
So we know you probably have all already watched Breaking Bad, but this is a series that deserves a re-binge. Believe us, once you start to watch you'll be surprised how many small, interesting details you might've missed the first go. So grab that comfy tee and get ready for some Jesse Pinkman.
Need a feel-good reality show? Great British Baking is where it's at. Yes it's a competition but these contestants are the sweetest you will ever see. Also the adorable accents and delicious baked goods are always a plus. Get snuggly in our fave pair of joggers and get ready for 7 seasons of uplifting content.
QUEER EYE X Self Care Long Sleeve Tee 
Speaking of uplifting content.. get ready to meet your new favorite men in the world. Queer Eye stars the Fab 5 (Jonathon, Antoni, Tan, Bobby and Karamo) making over those who need it, but in the kindest ways possible. You might get some tear stains on our Self Care tee, but we promise it'll all be happy cries. 
GLOW X Hey Babe Throw Pillow
Get ready feminists because this show will blow your mind. Lead star, Alison Brie is amazing as ever (Trudy from Mad Men + Annie from Community). She among other talented actresses are the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, and personally we couldn't get enough. Our Hey Babe Throw Pillow will be the perfect addition of comfort as you watch other babes kick some ass!
GOOD GIRLS X Facetory Everyday Brightening Face Mask
Put our Facetory face mask on and get ready to be on the edge of your seats with this one. We like to think of it as the female Breaking Bad and it's filled with suspense, comedy, and much needed drama. Get out the popcorn as you watch three housewives dive into the world of crime and hilarity ensue.


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